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The Urban Hillibilly Quartet


St. Paul Town




UHQ has been compared to Guadalcanal Diary, The Grateful Dead, and 16 Horsepower.



The Drovers Old Time Medicine Show


Melissa’s Waltz



See Hymn 6 and add some extra dirt and booze !


The Johnsons





see below, but they got even better !!!



The Urban Hillibilly Quartet


Living in the city



Their music has been influenced by Midwest powerhouses The Jayhawks and Uncle Tupelo, Georgia's Vigilantes of Love.


The Johnsons





“Debut CD captures the loose energy of the band, shows potentially broad appeal and compares favourably to such like-minded bands as WILCO...”Ed Bumgardner



One Riot One Ranger


Faces made for radio



Faux cowboy / bluegrass at its best !


Tim Lee


All that stuff



Best of 1983-1993 of ex-Windbreakers singer/guitarist ( dbl CD)




Shifty’s tavern



Countrified mid west Rock’n’Roll



Michael Hurley





re-issue of the world’s best folk singer’s best recordings!



Camper van Chadbourne


Camper van Chadbourne



re-issue of first collaboration Chadborne/Camper van...



Drovers Old Time Medicine Show


Sunday at Prater’s creek



original bluegrass and old timey with skits from the Drover’s radio show.



Used Carlotta


Wasted words



a journey across a rough terrain marked by bitter romance, whiskey courage and broken promises. Rock, blues and railroad ballads.


Six String Drag





Richard Manuel lives or Gram Parsons does or the Jayhawks have competition.




Holding Flowers



4 AD meets the Mississippi delta.



Eugene Chadbourne & Jimmy Carl Black


Locked in a Dutch coffee shop



Alligator wrasslin’ with the demented Dr. Chadbourne and Zappa’s original drummer.





Hillybilly soul



Part Red Clay Ramblers, part Meat Puppets part bar room brawl. Old timey Rock- a-billy and Appalachia....